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African Safari in Kruger National Park

Safety is the main concern

Safe African Safari adventure travel - South Africa Tourism with Guided Safaris

There is good bit crime in parts of southern Africa, but most of this crime is not aimed at the tourist.  Of course, if you leave your Nikon on the back seat of your rental car, you'll probably find you window smashed and bye bye camera.  So, isn't that your fault?  As a rule, we will not visit areas considered dangerous. There is no tourism crime in any of the game parks.  If we have any road travel planned into the safari, it will be on the safest roads.  Personal safety in Africa is like safety anyplace. It is best if you are a seasoned traveler if you travel on your own, but if you do, always seek best routes, and I want to help you with this. I've driven hundreds of thousands of kilometers in Africa, and I've come across everything from bandits to beggars, and I won't put you in harms way. That's why I think South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia are perfect African safari destinations.

              Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Safari  Kruger Custom Safari  Nikon Safari

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If I tell you to jump out and wrestle away a meal from the lion pride, don't do it.
That is..unless I have my camera ready.

I don't conduct African safaris in certain areas such as Zimbabwe since the political dictatorship of President Mugabe is making the safety of the tourist questionable. We might visit Victoria Falls, but we will do it from Zambia.

Hunt lions with Nikon SafariHunt Kruger Elephants with Canon Safari
Lion and Elephant 1998-2002

Many of my clients opt to do some traveling on their own either before or after our African safari. I will advise you on places to go and things to see, all the time taking your safety into concern. Cape Town, for instance MIGHT be a dangerous place to visit, but let me tell you where not to go and when not to go to a certain place. Most tourist crime is a crime of opportunity, so it is best to take that opportunity away.

                              African Wildlife SafariKruger Photo Safari

                                        Lion Cub in Kruger                                                       Elephant in Chobe, Botswana Safari

Are you considering a self drive photo safari instead of hiring me?  Stop for a second and think about how my 25 years

of experience might have prevented the situation these photos capture.

Photo Safari

African Safari

Africa Photo Safari

Safari in Kruger

Watch out for Tuskers

Want to get a close up?

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Hluhluwe Big Five Photo Safari
Impala 1998 Kruger Natioanl Park

South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and
 it certainly is that. It offers an endless variety of exotic
adventure travel sure to fulfill your dreams and desires. An African safari dream is easy to live.



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